Doing Church Right Is Doing Church Well

Dr. Chas RowlandHow should we "do church"? Do we have to sacrifice effectiveness for being Biblical? The longer I pastor, the more I see fads come and go, the more convinced I am that being Biblical is the only way to be truly effective in the long run. To do church well, we must do church right!

In the Pastoral Epistles, God outlines what His church should look like and how it should act. He defines what a church's leadership should do. He stresses what a church should believe. The Pastoral Epistles are our best tool with which to build a church. It is in the Pastoral Epistles that God lays out His ecclesiology. Paul wants to make it clear that ecclesiology matters! In the book of Titus, Paul is writing to Titus, warning him about some who claim the name of Christ, yet are being counter-productive in the church. These men are working hard in the name of Jesus, but are actually doing more harm than good. Paul gives Titus one primary instruction in order to ensure that the church is sound and is productive in accomplishing the purpose of God. In Titus 2:1, Paul says, "But as for you, teach what accords with sound doctrine." The great antidote to many of the problems within church is teaching sound doctrine! In order to do church well, we must be committed to teaching and living sound doctrine. We can never abandon (or minimize) our rich heritage of biblical theology within the SBC in an attempt to build a good church. It is of such importance, I echo the words of Jude when he was instructing the church, "to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints." (Jude 1:3)

This is our mission. This is what we must be about. We will give an account before Jesus and we must be resolved to be found faithful. If the church is to primarily be about Him, then we must do church the way He has instructed.