Patriotism in a Pagan Nation

Rowland BlogAmerica has joyfully and officially abandoned God. There is no substantial desire to follow His wisdom or commands. Our society has declared its independence from God and his influence. This did not begin with the Supreme Court’s recent decision regarding homosexual marriage. This has been a generational slide that began with the sexual revolution in the 60’s. The first official shot was fired when abortion was legalized in the 70’s. Our nation’s refusal to repent from that abominable approval of mass murder has only led us closer to this day.

Romans 1 is clear that a society that openly approves of and supports such sins as murder and homosexuality do not simply invite the wrath of God but are in fact the evidence of God’s wrath already abiding upon itself. As a nation, we are pagan in every sense of the word. And this reality requires us to make a serious change in how we view ourselves and our nation. I want to offer just a few suggestions for the new reality in which we find ourselves as we consider how we as Christians are to feel about our nation that we love and how we are called to respond.

(1) We must not celebrate our nation. If our nation is under God’s wrath for collective generational obstinate disobedience, we must not celebrate what God finds abominable. We must realize the nation we love has forever changed. This means while we of course still love America and what our nation used to stand for, we can not pretend as if America stands for ideals consistent with God and his word. To do so is naive ignorance at best and outright defiance at its worst.

(2) We must pray for our nation. While we might not be able to celebrate our nation, we can and should pray for our nation. We must pray for our leaders, especially those who are feeling the pressure to compromise their beliefs because of this new court ruling. Many have already resigned. Others are struggling. We must pray for them all. Our situation should remind us of the importance of prayer and we should be driven to our knees.

(3) We must engage the pagan culture. This requires great wisdom and winsomeness. We must engage the culture with a boldness to speak truth and a love that expresses the genuine forgiveness that is available in Christ to all who would repent and believe. We find ourselves in the middle of an unprecedented opportunity to clarify the gospel as it is contrasted with the bankruptcy of our culture.

(4) We must not give up. Perseverance is the constant refrain of Scripture to Christians in a pagan world. We are to not lose heart. We are to not give up. We are to not be discouraged. God is at work and he will use the church to accomplish his ends. Remember, the USA is not mentioned in Revelation, so we should be reminded that every nation will come to its end and only the King of Kings will reign forever. The continued decline of our society only serves as a sobering reminder just how true the Bible is and the certainty of Christ’s future victory.

(5) We must rely on the gospel. Jesus is enough. We are not to trust in Constitutions, courts, Presidents, or legislators. We are to trust Christ! Thank the Lord, he is enough.

Today I am sad. I have shed tears for my beloved nation; but I am not discouraged. Today I am hurt and frustrated by those who have attacked Christ and celebrated debauchery; but I am not surprised. Today I am somber for I know the future of a pagan nation ends in ashes; but I am joyful for my Savior is still on his throne and “thine is the power and glory forever!”