Are you ready for the trip?

Rowland BlogMay is a month of anticipation. We are anticipating the end of the school year and the beginning of summer. Many of you have scheduled vacations and trips. Maybe you have a favorite hotel or you are going someplace new. You can hear the beach or mountains calling your name! Summer is a fun time of outdoors and relaxation. It is a time of travel and vacation. It is a time for family and togetherness… and many of us can’t wait!

Imagine if we all lived in this kind of constant anticipation of the return of Jesus. 2 Peter 3:12 talks about believers, “waiting for and hastening the coming day of the Lord.” The attitude of the church is to be one that lives with an anticipation of His return. We should live with an excitement that builds with every passing day. We are one day closer to his return!

What does anticipating his return do? Well, like anticipating a vacation makes us packed and ready for the vacation when it comes, anticipating the return of Christ makes us ready for his return. When he returns we want to be found packed and ready to go and not caught off guard.

Here are ways that anticipating Christ’s return helps us “pack our spiritual bags”:

  1. 2 Peter 3:11 says that our anticipation packs our spiritual bags with holiness and godliness. In other words, we prepare with anticipation for his return by being more Christ-like.
  2. 2 Peter 3:14 says that our anticipation packs our spiritual bags with peace so that we can wait for his return free of anxiety or worry - no matter how long we have to wait or what problems come up in the mean time.
  3. 2 Peter 3:1-4 says that our anticipation packs our spiritual bags with faithfulness because we remember God’s promises and are not distracted by others who doubt God’s word.
  4. 2 Peter 3:9 says that our anticipation packs our spiritual bags with evangelistic fervor because, “the Lord is not willing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.” The reality is, as excited as we are for the return of Jesus and all the blessings that will come on that day, we want as many people to come on that trip with us. So, our anticipation is not just for us, but for others as well. So we work hard to not just pack our own bags, but get others to pack their bags and anticipate the trip too!

Are you ready for the trip? Are your bags packed? Are you helping others pack their bags?