Kid's Sermon Notes

Rowland BlogIn January I began encouraging our church kids to take notes during the sermon. Many started but now (May), only 7 (mostly 2nd-3rd graders) have continued to take the notes during these months. Every Sunday these kids bring the notes they took up to me and give them to me. Usually, I thank them, give them a high five, put them in my pocket and go on. They have been piling up over the last few months. This morning I got them out and read through them all.

I say all this to say something to my preacher friends: If you want to know what you are communicating from the pulpit week after week, ask some children to take notes of your sermon. WOW. Reading these notes have been both humbling and exhilarating.

Here are some of the sermon notes from the kids: (I hope these are a blessing to you.)

  • "Everyone without Jesus goes to hell."
  • "You need to use the gifts God has given you."
  • "I need to read my bible more so I can know it like Bro. Chas."
  • "Jesus can do miracles."
  • "I can teach people about Jesus."
  • "Seed planted on good soil grows. Seed planted on bad soil doesn't. It is very important that your heart is good soil."
  • "I know Jesus knows me because I love God."
  • "Jesus dies on the cross and rose from the dead a lot." (I guess they think that because I talk about it a lot... lol)
  • "I need to ask my family what Bro. Chas was talking about."
  • "I am dirt. I am glad God loves dirt."
  • "Learn the gospel. Believe the gospel."
  • "Christians help others."
  • "I want to talk to people about Jesus."
  • "Everybody is a sinner but Jesus."
  • "Jesus coming to die for our sins is better than Oreos."
  • "Jesus is real and VERRY powerful."
  • "I need to teach people about Jesus like Jesus did."
  • "Jesus saves people."
  • "I am God's child."
  • "Jesus loved people so I need to love my brother."
  • "Jesus is really alive."
  • "Jesus is the King."
  • "Rejoice in the Savior always."
  • "If you want to be safe go to Jesus."
  • "God is not dead."
  • "The gospel is true."
  • "You can get baptized and still not know God."
  • "I love Bro. Chas for teaching me the Bible."
  • "Tell people about Jesus."